Honor Awards Introduction

There are many varieties of Honor Awards you can get in Criminal Nations. The most easy one would be the Ranger, Crimes, Levels and Busts. The most Difficult of Honor Awards to get would be the Crystals, Crystal Mine, and Donator Days. This is a Guide to tell you how to get Honor Awards and more!

Honor Awards Guide

¥~Honor Awards:

+~Busts: You need to Busts people out of Jail a Minimum of 100 and Maximum 5000
+~Crimes: You need to commit crimes of a Minimum of 1000 and Maximum 75000
+~Crystal mine: You mine Minimum of 5 and Maximum 100
+~Crystals: You need to Collect a Minimum of 1000 and Maximum 500000
+~Donator Days Awards: You need to collect days of a Minimum of 100 and Maximum 1000
+~Level Awards: You need to Level of a Minimum of 10 and Maximum 500 Currently
+~Rangers den level Awards: You go Rangers Den and Level a Minimum of 10 and Maximum 500

Honor Awards Exchange

+~IQ - 100 IQ per Honor Award (Recommended to Put Honor Awards Here!)
+~Trade for Labour Points - 500 Labour Points per Honor Award
+~Trade for Defense - 500 Defense per Honor Award
+~Trade for Agility - 500 Speed per Honor Award
+~Trade for Strength - 500 strength per Honor Award
+~Money - $20,000 per Honor Award

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